Friday, 29 July 2016

Snowdrops 7: Thread Sketching - hopefully!!

Glitches - I am a magnet for them

Ok - for some reason I dont seem to be able to post video plus comment together???? So - as ever - I use my luddite brain for a bit of problem solving - and decide the best thign is just to post them seperately. So hopefully you do now have a video of Snowdrops 6 .. plus a few cheeky posts that say it is there when it isnt. Hope you are keeping up - will now try for Snowdrops 7 - at least it's never dull.
You could alwyas go over to my youtube channel and see all the videos there - its free to subscribe .. here is the url:
Hilary xx

Snowdrops 6 - putting in the outline

Snowdrops 6 - putting in the outline

hopefully we have the video this time!! No idea why technology always picks on me. Let's see if it posts this time - Hilary x